Musa offers full-spectrum military consulting services to the motion picture, television, video game, new media and advertising industries.

Technical Advising:
   Our on-set military technical advisors will ensure authenticity of all military-related material. Our experts served in every branch of the Armed Forces and at every level. We have conventional and special operations experts, ground forces and pilots, former sergeants and former generals.

Department of Defense Packaging/Support
   Our former DoD Entertainment Officers will eliminate DoD roadblocks by preparing and packaging your project, providing DoD "production assistance agreement" consultation and DoD relationship management.

Military Liaisons
  Working with the military can be tough if you don't understand the culture. We'll ensure clear lines of communication between the production company, the supporting DoD service and local military commands. We speak their language and yours.

Actor Training:    
  One-on-one or team training for actors including “basic training,” dialogue coaching, weapons familiarization and training, and tactical instruction. When we're done, y
our actors will shoot, move and communicate like real troops.

IP Script Development: 
  We'll help your creative team develop IP projects that are authentic and if desired, achieve faster and smoother DoD support.

Combat Choreography:
  Assisting your production in military small-unit tactics, urban warfare, large-scale combat operations, weapons implementation, and hand-to-hand combat tactics. 

Wardrobe, Props and Weapons:
  We can help you acquire modern military uniforms, props and weapons. Further, we're experts in the proper wear, appearance, and use of such items.

Post Production Advising:
  We'll add realism and texture to your final product. We're experienced in ADR and CGI consulting and technical advising.

Location Consulting
  We'll compare your preferred shooting locations with your DoD equipment and personnel needs and advise which locations will be most conducive to your project’s budget. Simply, we know where the DoD "stuff" is and can offer valuable insight to location decisions.

  Leverage our expertise in communicating to military audiences via traditional media, military-targeted media, DoD-run media and social media.

Brand Integration:
  If your brand is related to military or police operations (vehicles, technology, weapons, equipment, etc.), Musa can help you integrate your brand into entertainment projects to achieve your marketing communication objectives.

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