Enlisted - 20th Century Fox Television

Musa was the lead military consultanting team on "Enlisted" after the pilot episode. The pilot was full of authenticity isses and Musa was brought in to fix them. Our team of experts worked extensively with the creators/producers/writers, actors and every production department to ensure the team achieved their desired level of authenticity. Further, Musa consulted for Fox TV's publicity team on several elements of the show promotion (reviewing every poster, billboard, advertisement, etc.)


Blog about how Musa got involved: Click Here

Mini boot camp:

Army Times: Enlisted Embraces the Suck 
Stars & Stripes: Before the fun begins, cast of 'Enlisted' gets a taste of the real thing and Cast, crew of 'Enlisted' hope show gets it right
LA Times: 'Enlisted' knew it needed to enlist help to get military comedy right   
 * Musa also appeared on FNC's "Fox & Friends Sunday" and Sirius XM Satelite radio's "Wilkow Majority" promoting the show.,0,250646.story#ixzz2xBuxWs70

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