Why Musa?

Because you NEED to get it right!

"Authenticity in military entertainment isn't just a creative decision, it affects your bottom line. When entertainment projects ignore the details, there are 2 million active duty military members and 25 million veterans that recognize that...and all of them are opinion leaders in this genre."
- Greg Bishop, CMO, Musa Military Entertainment Consulting


Modern Warfare Experts

Musa is experienced in TODAY's military. We have fought in the current conflicts, worn the current uniforms, operated the current equipment, and fired the current weapon systems...and our research staff keeps us current as the U.S. military evolves. 

Musa Saves You Time, Money & Stress 

If you’re seeking official Dept. of Defense support we will save you money, time and immeasurable stress. You need someone on your team who knows the rules of working with the DoD and who speaks their language….that's Musa.

Our experience and knowledge of the Department of Defense’s policies and expectations make us unique. We have deep relationships with the liaisons of every military service, and the Dept of Defense. Let us be your advocate and navigate you through the government bureaucracy.  

All Branches of the Military

Musa has expert advisors from every branch of the military and the Coast Guard. If your project has a military theme of any kind, we can help you.

Any Military-Related Specialty

Today's Armed Forces are enormous. No one person can possibly be an expert in everything. At Musa, we have a wide network of military technical experts. If your project requires expertise in Special Operations, we have former special operators from every service (SEALs, Delta Force, Special Forces, Rangers, etc.) on our team. Need conventional troops? We have experts from every service, in nearly every major specialty. If we don't have who you need in-house, we'll get it for you faster than anyone else. Whatever your military creative needs are, we're your team!

Broad Experience in Entertainment

Musa is a new company, but our team is not new to the entertainment business. See our PROJECTS page to see the exciting, and wide-ranging entertainment projects we've worked on.





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